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Thursday, February 27, 2014

[Archive] Death and the King's Horseman Assignment for 2/27/14

The class will divide into three groups, each of which will address all of the following questions. For each question, provide textual evidence (quotation and page number). Each group will submit its answers as a comment to this post by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, 2/28/14. This is a graded assignment. Questions #1-4 will count as one participation grade; #5-9 will count as a second participation grade. Each correct extra credit answer counts as one point, such that it is possible to earn one grade of 5 and one of 6 on a 4-point scale.

1. Why does Olunde refuse to look at his father?
2. Why does Iyaloja assent to Elesin’s marriage to her son’s fiancĂ©?
3. Elesin does/not die at the appointed time (which is it?)
4. Whose visit to the colony is Pilkings afraid that Elesin's ritual will mar?
5. What religion are Joseph and Amusa?
6. Why and how does Olunde end up dead?
7. Name an animal killed to accompany the king into the next life.
8. Who or what impedes (or tries to impede) Elesin's ritual?
9. Bibliographic citation of the edition of the play your group used, as it would appear in a list of Works Cited.

Extra Credit:
1. What does Elesin's new bride do as part of his burial ceremony?
2. To whom does Jane Pilkings speak to outside the ball?

A note on submission: Each group will submit one set of answers. Each set of answers must include all group members' names. The submitting group member will require an online profile in order to submit the group's answers. You are welcome to disable that profile or delete your post after the conclusion of the semester if you wish. If any group member has concerns regarding posting online, please speak to me individually for alternate submission arrangements.