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Monday, March 19, 2012

[Archive Post] Online Class Post for Monday, March 19, 2012

Drama: Comedy, Tragedy
I hope you had a good spring break!

Instead of meeting synchronously today, you'll post a comment here as per the homework assignment on drama listed in the course syllabus: your answer to #5 on page 826. This assignment counts as one participation grade and is due by midnight tonight, on 3/19/12.


  1. Tommy Abel #5

    During the hour long television drama, the conflict that presents its self is a murder of a homosexual man. The two main detectives are normally the protagonists. What motivates these detectives if figure out who the killer is. The lack of clues and amount of lying by people are true obstacles for the detectives. The detectives are in the midst of an investigation and figuring out who this killer is a large struggle, as well as picking through witnesses who claim not to know anything. The entire show is based on these clues and pursuit of the killer. In the end the detectives gather enough information to arrest a suspected man, and in the end he confesses to lesson his sentence. The outcome of the man being killer doesn't connect to the protagonist, but the final even of catching the killer directly connects to the protagonists. The steps that were taken by the protagonists through the episode lead to the final outcome. I believe this script was very well written because the final decision or outcome came out of nowhere. The killer was completely unexpected, and seemed almost impossible to have had happened.

  2. Ross Heyl #5

    I viewed CSI New York as my hour television show of drama and there was a major conflict throughout the show. The conflict was whether or not the death of a woman in the city was a murder or a suicide. There are many court hearings to prove how the death happened. The court accuses the husband who is the protagonist in this situation of killing the wife and making it look like a suicide. What stands in the way of the father was the evidence to prove where he was during the night of his wife’s death. The drama events relate to the struggle of the protagonist because he continues to try and provide evidence that he was not in town the night of the death and that he was out of town for a business meeting. The problem is no one can vouch for him and prove he is not the killer. The conflict is eventually resolved when they pull records of him checking into a hotel out of town during the night of the death and the protagonist’s wife death was still a murder but instead proved to be the oldest daughter who committed the crime. The script was very well written in this case, it kept you on your toes and didn’t make it obvious who committed the crime as most T.V shows do.

  3. Sara Felipe #5

    The main conflict in last week's new episode of the Vampire Diaries was that the small town of Mysitic Falls had a loose serial killer that murdered the town's counsel members. The main character and protagonist, Elena was given the task of finding out who the killer is when the sheriff accused her guardian, Alaric, of being the murderer which motivated her to solve the conflict. The antagonists, Damon and Stefan, stand in Elena's way since they too are trying to figure out who the murderer is. The main events in the episode include finding evidence to prove Alaric's innocence. Throughout the episode Elena and her friend Matt searched for clues but in the end the conflict was resolved by Dr. Fell, Alaric's ex-girlfriend, that was responsible for turning the sheriff against him but she presented evidence that gave him an alibi at the time of the murders. The show's outcome effects the protagonist but it was not caused by her directly. I believe the script is well-written. It keeps viewers wanting to watch and it has the structure of the books that the series was based on.

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  5. #5 on Pg. 826

    An hour-long television drama I’ve recently watched is “House”. In this particular episode, the main conflict has to do with a skateboarder who unexpectedly collapsed at a skating event, and the doctors can’t figure out what’s wrong with her. At the same time, Dr. House, who is the protagonist, starts a new relationship with Dr. Cuddy, who is his boss. What drives the story is that Dr. House has to find a way to keep doing his job as a doctor, as well as maintain his new relationship with someone who has to tell him what to do. What stands in Dr. House’s way is the difficulty in figuring out what is wrong with the girl, as well as dealing with his new relationship and hearing the opinion of all the other co-workers that he works with at the hospital. The main events relate to the protagonist’s struggle because his job is to cure people of their illnesses, and in this case, the solution as to how to cure the girl is very hard to find. In addition to that, he has liked his boss for a long time, and now that he has a relationship with her, he doesn’t want to let anything ruin that. After searching for many options on how to treat the girl, it is determined that she became sick about a year earlier, but none of the symptoms ever showed up until now. It is also determined she’ll need a new lung and a bone marrow transplant, or else she will die. The only problem is that she would have to get put on a waiting list, and by the time a new lung a bone marrow became available, she would already be dead. This causes her brother, who has muscular dystrophy, to offer one of his lungs and his bone marrow just to cure his sister. Also, House and Cuddy talk to one another, and they tell each other that they need to be “brutally honest” with each other from now on to make their relationship work. So, in the end, House helped saved the skater girl’s life, as well as make a great stride in his own relationship with Cuddy. The show’s outcome is connected to Dr. House, because the show basically revolves around him and the challenges his faces, both with his job and with his personal life. I believe the script was well written because it is full of twists and turns, and it was very intense when dealing with the girl collapsing and the doctors having to tell her family that if they don’t get lucky, then she’s mostly likely going to die. The fact that it has a lot of turning points throughout the show, as well as having a lot of very intense moments, makes me believe that it was a good show. This series, as a whole, is very well written from the standpoint of wanting to be a good television drama. It has all the necessities you need to have in something that you want to consider a “drama”, and that’s why it’s been one of the most watched programs on television for years now.

  6. Amber Kelly #5

    I watched the show Criminal Minds as my hour TV show of drama. The main conflict that drives the story is that the team of investigators are trying to find out who is murdering married couples and why. The protagonist is the lead investegator and he is figuring out how the dead couples are connected. What stands in his way of finding out who murdered them is the connections between them. He finds out that each couple is a foster family, but when the killer finds that they don't have any children, they are murdered. The protagonist follows the clues and connections between the dead couples and finds out that the murderer was a teacher who molested a child in her class and had a baby with him. She was murdering the couples when she found out that they no longer had her child that was taken from her. She continues to do this until she finally finds him. She takes the baby and kidnaps the baby's father to try to start a family, but the protagonist followed her trail and catches her in the end. The show's outcome is connected to the protagonist's character because he is a good investigator, and was able to follow the clues. I believe that the script was well written because as a viewer I could keep up with the plot and follow the clues along with the protagonist.

  7. Katherine Hooker
    blog post #5
    House: The main conflict that drives the story along is Doctor House (the protagonist) and his team, on their quest to figure out a diagnosis and treatment for a comedian who randomly passed out on stage at one of his shows. Dr. House is motivated by his duty as a doctor; it is his job as the head doctor to figure out what is wrong with his patients and treat whatever it is that is wrong with them. Many obstacles are placed in Dr. House’s mission to find the answer; each time he (and his team) think they are close to a diagnosis, another symptom occurs and must be dealt with. This new symptom often excluded the previous idea of what exactly was wrong with the patient. The biggest obstacle was putting all of the clues together and finding an answer. There are many main events that occur; 1. Dr. House wants to assign a member of his team a leadership position, so throughout the show they fight for the spot and 2. He also is in the midst of trying to save a friend’s citizenship status by pretending to be married to her. Each of these events relate to the protagonist struggle to find the cure for his patient, because they all directly involve the protagonist. He has many things going on at once that distract him from getting closer to diagnosis. The conflict is resolved with the help of his team of doctors; together they are able to diagnose the patient and treat all symptoms. The outcome is directly connected to the protagonist, because his input and the tasks he delegated the team of doctors to do helped form the diagnosis. The script was very well written; it included important and frequent dialogue that pushed the story along and the conflicts kept the viewer interested.

  8. Eric Hobby
    Blog post #5 pg 826
    I viewed an episode of “Southland” on TNT as my hour-long drama. “Southland” is about a group of LAPD and their struggles with life as a police officer and with their personal life. There are about six main characters so I just picked one to follow throughout the show. I chose the character Jessica Tang played by Lucy Liu, who in this episode had a biggest struggle. Officer Tang starts her day by being served divorcee papers, which affects she mood for her whole shift. She has three interactions throughout her shift. The first two were minor case where because of her upset mood she over reacted. The third interaction left the show with a cliffhanger, Officer Tang and her partner were in prosecute of a criminal and while in the heat of the moment shoot her gun at what seems like the criminal but is not and hits a child playing with a toy gun. After she realizes what she has done see choices to take the orange plastic piece of the toy gun to help her case on why she shoots him. Her partner later confronts her on why she did what she did and asks her to go tell the truth and choose not too. The show ends with her crying at her home as she looks at the orange plastic piece. The protagonist is motivated thought the show by the broken relationship between her and her husband. Her personal life affects her work and clouds her judgment to do the right thing. The conflict did not resolve in this episode. The shows outcome defiantly connects to the protagonist because it ends with Officer Tang crying while she looks at the piece she took off the toy gun. I think the script was well written because I was interested the whole show. The over all show was good because it gave you a variety of character to follow and see into their lives. As for just the part of Officer Tang, it was well written because it gave the viewer a chance to see her struggles and let us figure out what was going on.

  9. Brittni Devers
    Blog Post #5 Page 826
    For the hour long television drama I watched "NCIS" Season 9 Episode 17. The title of this episode was "Need to Know." The main conflict that drives the story is when a Chief Petty Officer named Leland Wiley who has a top-secret clearance to a Naval research laboratory is murdered. What motivated the protagonist was Ava Baransky is buying the stealth technology that Wiley stole. Nothing stood in her way, she hired a man to kill Chief Petty Officer Leland Wiley for her. Each of the main events that happen in this episode that relates to the protagonist's, Ava Baransky's, struggle is that it leads to the NCIS team finding out that it was her all along who hired some one to kill Chief Petty Officer Leland Wiley. The conflict is resolved by the NCIS team calling off of the search for her and apologizing for her inconvenience because it was a set up by the DIA. This television show has a different case every episode, but the protagonist is always caught and convicted it the DIA didn't set it up. I believe the script to these NCIS episodes are always well written, they keep you entertained and always anticipating the next episode, also the television show NCIS has an excellent main character named Agent Gibbs.

  10. Page 826 #5

    I watched the hour-long season finale of “The Walking Dead” on the t.v. network AMC last night and will use this episode for my assignment. The main conflict that is driving the story is as follows: a zombie plague has hit the world (the audience is not informed on how or when exactly this occurs) and the show is following a group of survivors that are not only struggling with surviving on a day-to-day basis, but emotionally staying stable knowing that any day they can any die. The protagonist is a ex-cop named Rick that is leading the entire group of about fifteen people and giving directions/orders on what everyone needs to be doing daily in order for their survival. He is motivated to make everyone safe because his wife and son are apart of the group. Rick wants to protect his family especially while at the same time provide everyone a safe, reliable, and strong place to settle permanently in. A character named Shane, who is the antagonist, is in his way of keeping everyone positive and motivated in survival. Shane is a murder that nobody trusts and is always disobeying the orders from Rick just to be the bad-ass and be heroic. While the men in the group are out running missions for food, gas, and other supplies, Shane is always wondering off doing exactly what Rick said not to do. Shane has gotten into fist fights with two of the men in the group and has even shot at Rick one time out of raw anger. Rick always forgives him because his main goal is peace and keeping sanity within the group. He resolves every struggle between characters by sitting them down and talking face-to-face. In the end of the show, Rick has enough of Shane’s childish acts and fighting and eventually stabs Shane out of self-defense. That resolves the group’s struggle with Shane. The outcome of the show are mainly related to the actions of Rick and what he decides to do for the group. The script is very well written and has so much suspense along the way. Each character plays a specific role in the survival of the group as a whole. From the woman doing the laundry, making food, and taking care of the children to the men who do missions and protect the woman and children... everyone plays an important task to take care of and cannot mess up.

  11. Recently I watched an hour-long show called “Grey’s Anatomy”. This episode was very suspensful and full of drama. The main conflict in this story was an armed man that entered the hospital in which his wife had recently passed away in, due to a near impossible surgery. The gunman only wanted justice with the surgeons who “let his wife die”. He decided that shooting the entire orthopedic team and anyone who got in his way was the best way in gaining that justice. Dr. Shepard is the protagonist in the story and is the head of surgery in the hospital. He is the main guy that the gunman is going after because Shepard could not successfully complete the near-impossible surgery on the gunman’s wife. Dr. Shepard is motivated in saving all of his people from any harm when the hospital is put on lock down. The lack of where-abouts of the gunman in the hospital is Shepard’s biggest struggle and is standing in the way of him keeping everyone safe. Throughout the episode, Dr. Shepard is running around the hospital hearing gunshots in different areas but can never locate/capture him. These main events add to Shepard’s struggle and there is nothing he can do to predict where the next shooting is going to occur. The conflict is resolved near the end of the episode when the gunman actually finds Dr. Shepard and shoots him from point blank. The gunman finally feels like he has recieved justice by shooting the man he accused of murdering his wife. The outcome of the show is directly connected to the protagonist all along and Dr. Shepard has no clue until he comes face-to-face with the gunman. At this point he realizes that he should have been the one hiding instead of running around during each major shooting trying to save people. I believe that the script is very well-written and it took a lot of time to think about the signifigance of each scene. Each person that is shot has a major role in the show and there is a connection between them all. The episode kept me thinking and trying to predict what would occur next.

  12. Mary Kogler
    Blog Post #5 pg. 826

    For my hour-long drama I watched an episode of “Pretty Little Liars” on ABC Family. The series is about five best friends, Aria, Spencer, Hanna, Emily and Alison, and their life in the perfect little town of Rosewood. One year ago, Alison disappeared and the girls swore they would never tell the truth of what really happened that night. Now, as the mystery surrounding Alison’s disappearance resurfaces, the remaining girls begin to get messages from “A,” saying threatening things only Alison would know. As the audience, we think it is doubtful that it is Alison since we know she is dead, but whoever is sending the messages seems to know all the girls’ secrets, and seem to be watching their every move. Throughout the story they seem to find more clues and unravel lies in hopes of finding out who exactly “A” is. The protagonists are Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily and their motivation is figuring out the truth about “A” and who has been following them. The thing that stands in their way is the web of lies of the town they have yet to unravel that will help the girls figure out the mystery of “A”. Each of the drama’s main events relates to the protagonist’s struggle by with each new clue or piece of information they find, is a missing piece to the puzzle that helps them discover the true identity of “A”. The conflict is resolved by finding out who exactly “A” is. The show’s outcome is both connected to the protagonist’s character and the events happen to the girls. I do believe the script is well written because since the events that happen to the main characters are so personal, they keep the audience intrigued and leave them at the edge of their seat wanting to know the next detail.

  13. Taylor Wagner #5

    The hour long television drama that I recently watched was Dance Moms. IN this show little girls take dance classes under Mrs. Abby and work to perform at an elite level. This week they went to Miami, Florida for a competition. Each week they work many hours to be the best dancers that they can possibly be. However, because of the time and money that is spent moms automatically expect there daughters to be the number one superstar in the group. This causes conflicts to occur between mom, daughter and Mrs. Abby (the dance coach). It shows how much parents truly are invested in there child's future and how they try to live out there lives threw them. The main conflict in this episode is Holly one of the dance moms "Mia's mother" because she is upset that her daughter keeps getting over looked for the trio dance, and she then speaks her mind to Mrs. Abby an leaves for a few days. The conflict is resolved because Holly wants to show her daughter that she should not leave the team and that even though she is doing her best she still needs to strive to work harder.This shows Holly's ability to resolve conflicts and think before she acts. She rationalizes even though she does not agree with what is being done.

  14. Rachel Coffin # 5

    I watched "The River" for my television drama. In this particular episode, the crew on the ship had to decide whether or not to keep a man they found hanging from vines. The decision proved to be a difficult one because he supposedly had a curse on him. The protagonist, Tess, is the one who had to make the final decision of if he stays or not. Tess wants to keep Jonas on the ship because he can help her find her lost husband. However, the rest of the crew wants to get rid of him because he is carrying a curse. After Jonas has been on board for a few days, the vines that were hanging him in the tree began to attack the boat in order to get Jonas back and a dangerous storm is quickly approaching. The reason he was hanging from the vines in the first place was because he invaded a native tribe's privacy by recording a ritual they do. According to the tribe's legend, anyone who steals has to hang forever. When this storm breaks out, it has the potential to sink the boat and kill everyone on board. Again, Tess is faced with the decision of whether to keep Jonas on board and find her husband or give him back to the vines to hang and save her ship and crew. Jonas, who is panicking like the rest of the crew decides to give himself to the vines. By doing this however, the tribe forgives him for what he did because he committed a selfless act. The vines retreat back to the trees and the storm disappears as quickly as it began. I think the show is connected to the main character because almost every episode and this one in particular, Tess is confronted with a difficult decision to make in order to save her husband. The script was very well written, you could tell what the rising action, climax, and resolving action. Shows like that can get confusing and overwhelming because so much is happening but the script kept it in order and was easy to follow.

  15. I watched the hour long episode of NCIS as my drama television. The conflict in the episode is trying to identify the cause of death of Petty Officer Wiley. It was originally thought to be an accidental heart attack until Abbey, the lab technician, looked into the case she looked at the pace maker that officer Wiley had and found out that someone had tampered with the pace maker online. The pace maker was online because the doctor could then monitor Wiley's heart rate. The Protagonist's name was Ava Baransky. She was originally just a witness until NCIS found out she was a Russian spy. She bought some sort of secret technology through Petty Officer Wiley and then hired someone to have him killed, so she wouldn't get caught. Once NCIS found out she was a subject they also found out she was fed false "secret technology" from the DIA. So NCIS ended up letting Ava go because she didn't have anything important that the country needed or didn't want leaked. All NCIS episodes are different they all have different cases and therefore different protagonists. In all the episodes the script has the NCIS team catch and convict the criminal. In this episode the suspect had been caught but they were told to let her go. I do believe that the script is well written because it makes you think that all the events could happen in real life. Some of the acting on the NCIS team isn't believable because you wouldn't think that agents would act the way they do, but it helps keep the viewers entertained and it keeps them on their toes for what will happen next.

  16. Mariana Gozalo
    Blog Post #5 Pg. 826

    I watched the episode of Bones called "The Twist in the Twister." A young woman had signed up to be a camp leader during the summer, and a former camp leader was walking her through the forest when suddenly she fell and noticed a dead body that had been decomposed was in the hole right next to where she had landed. A group of FBI members and the protagonist, Dr. Temperance Brennan showed up at the scene, and examined the skeleton and brought it back to their lab to get a closer look. They tried to figure out how the victim died and who it was,which was the conflict. Dr. Brennan is an anthropologist who worked with forensic scientist to figure out the cause of the death. At first they thought the death was because of a tornado that hit the area, and it might've hit the body, so they try to get more information from other people who live nearby and could've been friends with the victim. With all the research and interviews they went through, the conflict is resolved by figuring out how the victim really died.
    The show connects to the protagonist because her job is to figure out why unknown deaths occurred and discover who the body really is. In my opinion, the script is well written and it's enjoyable because it shows it as a scientist in their everyday life at home, and at work and what she does, rather than focus on one aspect. You can always tell when the characters are getting deeper in their studies, and how serious cases can get, and the when the climax occurs. Normally these shows, the main point of the show is at the beginning, and throughout the hour, all the evidence is brought up slowly which makes the show more interesting and exciting.

  17. I watched CSI as my hour long drama. The main conflict in this episode was that H the head guy of the police station in Miami Florida was doing something undercover that only one of the other agents knew about and had it was hard for the others to know what was going on and what that task at had was. He would do something and hide it and people often began to think the agent he told the actual plan to was being a "rat" in the station. The conflict is resolved by H doing what he had to and telling his others at the end by saying it was best they didnt know and he had to do it that way. The script was well written, it could actually happen in real life in the police force.

  18. Rachel Gross
    Blog Post #5

    I watched an hour-long episode of the series "Once Upon A Time." It is a show about a town called Storybrook in which all of the townspeople are actually the characters in different fairy tales. They are all under the spell of a wicked queen who has made all of them forget their true identities. The main protagonist is named Emma. She arrived in Storybrook on account of her son Henry who came to find her because she is the only one who can break the queen's spell. The queen is the mayor of the town of Storybrook and is the person who stands in the way of Emma achieving the goal of breaking the spell. As sheriff of the town, Emma is expected to follow all of the queen's wishes. The longer that Emma is in Storybrook the faster the spell is being undone. With every episode, a character's background is revealed showing who they really are. Each character is slowly starting to remember who they are thanks to Emma and Henry. In this particular episode, Mary Margaret, who is secretly Snow White and Emma's mother, is being accused of killing another character. Even though Emma is forced to put Mary Margaret in jail, she is trying to clear her name as well. As everything starts to lead back to the mayor, Emma is forced to make a tough decision. I think the script is exceptionally written. There are so many twists and turns that you don't expect so it keeps you on your toes.

  19. In the hour long television drama "House", the main character is driven by a young boy who has an unknown disease. No matter what test are ran on the boy, the doctors cannot figure out what is wrong with him. All of the main events in the episode relate to the protagonists goal of doing whatever it takes to find out the boy's illness. The conflict is resolved by the protagonist going through a series of cases from the past and comparing them to the boys case. Ultimately, the protagonists figures out the illness and cures the boy. The script is well written because as the viewer, you are unsure of exactly what will happen next

  20. The Hour long TV drama that i watch was called "House". House is about a doctor who solves the weirdest illnesses ever. The main conflict that drives the show is patient that catches something that cause the skin on his hand to get eatin by some kind of Bactria. What motivates the doctor is that the man makes a living by painting and if he loses his hand that would end it for him. What stands in the way of the doctors is how fast the flesh eating bactria is eat the mans hand. The main events of the drama that relates to the protagonist struggle is when he starts to guess wrong and the mans hand is getting worst and he cant find it out. The conflict is resolved by the man with the hand problem talking to his brother about chicken fights and then he figures it out. The outcome is connected to the protagonist figuring it out. Yes the script is well written because there is a lot of suspense in it and what happens to some of the people is cool some times.