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Thursday, October 27, 2011

[Archive post] BONES Arrival Delayed to SU Bookstore

The SU Bookstore has informed me that the assigned novel Bones, by acclaimed Zimbabwean author Chenjerai Hove, is still on back order. In response to this delay, I have moved the novel unit toward the end of the semester. We will begin poetry upon the conclusion of our drama unit. See the course syllabus for an updated calendar. While I am leaving the bookstore's order with the publisher open, we are not guaranteed delivery prior to the beginning of our novel unit in late November. You should now begin the process of procuring a copy of Bones from another seller or lender.

For purchase, I recommend starting with one of the following online sellers--I see that each has numerous new or used copies of Bones in stock: AmazonALibris, or AbeBooks. This list is not exhaustive--you are certainly welcome to purchase copies of the novel from other sellers, either online or in person. A simple Google search will yield other sales or even rental sites. 

For a loaner, I suggest you try Inter-Library Loan from the SU library. This service allows students to borrow books that are unavailable in our own library from other university libraries. The service is free or at minimal cost to the SU community. 

If you have questions about any of these procurement methods, please see me. Do not wait to begin this process. The number of assistance options diminish quickly as our unit start date approaches.