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Thursday, September 8, 2011

[Archive post] GCP Application Deadline: Sept. 19

One major quality that makes Shenandoah unique from most universities is our Global Citizenship Project (GCP). All full-time Shenandoah students, faculty and staff members are welcomed to apply for the 2012 GCP. During spring break, selected GCP-ers will travel to one of five yet-to-be-revealed destinations around the world. The University funds the trips! Shenandoah believes it should “provide students with the knowledge, skills and opportunities to be active, ethical, and productive citizens in a changing and diverse world.” I hope you'll apply!

Applications and essays must be submitted no later than noon on Monday, Sept. 19. Watch for more information in the student newspaper The ’Doah, in the dining halls, residence halls, and classrooms. Watch for individuals wearing “Ask me about GCP” stickers, too. They have already participated and are anxious to tell others about their experiences. Go to or log into Blackboard, click the Community tab, click the Global Citizen tab. Or, contact Study Abroad Adviser Jean C. Hayes in Cooley Hall Room 108, (540) 665-5460 or